It has arrived
Fitting the Wishbones
Brakes next
Mounting the pedal box
Attaching the copper brake lines
The differential went in quite easily
The fuel system was next
Going well but still quite far from the finish
Finishing the brakes at the front
The wiring harness is making progress but confusing me
The radiator and fan were a tight fit
Setting the wiring harness in
Finishing the wiring harness at the back
Starting to put the bodywork on
Looking like a real car now
Interior panels needed a little adjustment
Using a stepladder as a workbench
The engine has arrived
I also started on the interior panels
Here I am assembling the clutch actuator to the bellhousing
Next I fitted the bell housing to the gearbox
I mated the gearbox to the engine then we dropped it in
Here it is once it was finally in
Now I could rivet the bodywork on.
Almost all of the bodywork is on. Here I am fitting the bonnet catches
The front end bodywork is now mocked up
Final adjustments to the fuel system
Here I am fitting the oil cooler just in front of the radiator
I used silicone hose to plumb in the radiator
The rear deck took quite some time to get right
Once I had cut the material to shape I fixed it into place
At this point I had finished the interior. I made the tunnel cover by hand.
Here I am fixing the rear wheel arches to the body
It's now back from having the exhaust made
Just putting the finishing touches on the engine bay
The rear view mirror. Its the only place I will see the other cars
The important safety decals applied
Here it is. The first time on track
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