Thanks for stopping by. I'm Matthew Booth, I currently race in the F1000 championship of the 750mc and the Thunder saloons championship of the CTCRC. Take a look around and get to know more about me and what I do.

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Autosport Top 10 Club Drivers 2019

To not only be recognised by Autosport as one of the top 10 club drivers of 2019 but to be in at number 3 is remarkable. It has been a tough year of racing and the competition has been fierce which is credit to the other racers in the class and the quality of the F1000 championship.

Another feature in the magazine gives a real sense of just how fast the F1000 car can go. The fastest laps of the year at Brands Hatch Indy, Cadwell Park and Croft were all done in an F1000 race this year with the lap at Croft being done by me. 

Downforce Radio Nomination

Through my successes this year I have been nominated for the John Bateman Club Racer of the year award. It’s a great honour to be recognised for such an award and has made all the hard work this year worth it.

Follow the link to vote for me, Im on the 6th page and the poll needs to be completed to submit. thank you.


Championship winning MK Indy RR for sale

My championship winning MK Indy RR is now up for sale. A car that I achieved so much in can’t just sit in the garage, it needs to move on so someone else can enjoy the success and fun that I had with the car.

Follow the link to check it out on my website MK Indy RR


Go see the advert on the 750MC Classifieds here 750mc/classifieds



Now that the championship points have been made official, I am the 2019 F1000 Champion.


This year has been very challenging and couldn’t have been achieved without the help of a few people and companies.


Dad, for help at the track, in the garage and helping fund this season.


Tony, for help at the track and help in the garage learning about and working on the engines.


Chris from EFI, fixing the fuelling issues so the engine ran at its best.


Cornering Force, for the help with suspension setup.


Lincs Road & Race, for the quick response in the supply of spare engines.


Frazer and the team at Jedi Racing Cars, for the superb support at the track.


Sarah Fraser, for the excellent coordination of the class throughout the year


The 750 Motor Club, for providing an excellent club that host the race weekends


Going into the final round I carried a 32 point advantage which isn’t much when there is 90 points on offer. I qualified on the front row for the first race. Starting on wets along with Dan Clowes we had taken the more conservative tyre choice whilst Lee Morgan and Michael Watton had gone for the slick in the hope of gaining the advantage later in the race. The wet tyre helped me keep 2nd place at the start of the race with Dan in front and Lee behind. The race finished like this, thus extending my lead to Lee in the championship to 35 points. The second race was wets for everyone. I knew the championship could be won in this race, so points were the target over a win. I knew that I only had to finish one place behind lee (as long as it was not 1st and 2nd) and the championship would be done. I managed to get up from 7th to 3rd and Lee managed 6th to 2nd which meant I had done it. It wasn’t an easy race as the clutch cable snapped two laps from the end which could have put me out of the race. The third race was an uneventful mosey around the circuit just to finish the race without incident.

So, I’m the 2019 F1000 champion. I didn’t expect it at the start of the year, but I did believe I was capable. Its been a long and testing year with a steep learning curve but the support from Dad and Tony has made it all possible. 

Donington Park

The toughest and most rewarding weekend of racing I’ve had in a long time. Qualifying put me in P3 for the first race. A good start translated into me and Lee Morgan pulling out front where the old lap record was bettered almost every lap. We matched each other’s times to pull out a 13 second gap to 3rd place. The second race where I started in 7th was tough. Positioned on the inside I was boxed in at the start which allowed Lee to get around the outside. Lap after lap I made up places, reeling in the leaders. A pass around the outside at Redgate put me in front of Lee and on the tail of Dan Gore. Up the inside going into the Old Hairpin is where I took the lead and I managed to hold it till the end. The third race I started on pole. I got off the line well and was pushing hard to make the gap, but Lee had new tyres on which was too good of an advantage. He managed to pass me, but I held on to his tail up to the chequered flag. All weekend I was pushing it to the limit and had an excellent time racing with Lee. On to the season finale at Snetterton.

Thanks to Naiad Photography for the images.

Cadwell Park

A mixed bag would be the best way to describe this one. Qualifying 4th was so far my worst of the season but translated to third through an exclusion further ahead. A great launch into second set up a chase for the lead as me and Rob pulled away from the rest. An unfortunate suspension failiure on Robs car handed me the win which was very unexpected. The second race I had to start from 8th and slow progress meant I was up to 5th halfway through the race at which point I was hit and put out of the race. Franticly working in the pits, I managed to get the car ready for the last race which I was also starting from 8th. The setup was not perfect but allowed me to get some good points with a 5th place finish. Overall the weekend came up with quite a few surprises, but I put it all behind me to focused on the next race


My best race weekend so far. An unproductive test day due to poor weather only allowed me to get to grips with the circuit and new tarmac on slick tyres in the wet, so I was going into qualifying blind with no target lap time. Pole position again for the second meeting in a row with the top four all within 0.3s of each other. I was very happy to achieve this at I track I enjoy so much. The first race was a lights to flag victory, a rain shower before the race ensured it was wet tyre running. A fast pace was being put down by the drivers behind, but I managed to keep a steady gap to the driver in 2nd. The reverse grid race was very exciting. Starting 8th with a pack of very fast drivers ahead was a challenge. The fastest six drivers in the grid were charging around the circuit in a close train and I managed to pick my way through to 3rd place whilst setting the fastest lap which also was a new lap record. The final race which starting position is decided on the second race fastest laps meant I was starting on pole. Another lights to flag victory was achieved and I claimed the fastest lap by 0.4s to the next fastest person and intern this was another new lap record. Potentially this could be the fastest lap around the circuit this year thanks to the pace of the F1000 car. Another great picture by Neil Brownlee.


The second round of the F1000 championship kicked off at Silverstone. A Great days testing on the Friday extracted a lot of information from the car and put me in good stead for the race weekend. Credit goes to Dad and Tony for recording the data and making the changes I wanted whilst I was in the car. Qualifying went excellently as I achieved pole position, my first in the class. The first race was a light to flag victory with a fastest lap to top it off. For the second race we all set off on slicks, but a short and heavy hail shower soaked the track. Starting 8th due to reverse grids I made it up to 2nd. Challenging for the lead wheels touched which resulted in a flat tyre and a DNF. An unfortunate end but positives were taken from all other aspects of the weekend. The livery finally saw some sunshine and I’m glad that it looks so good, thanks to Neil Brownlee for the picture.

Brands Hatch

A great start to the F1000 season with two second places and an eighth. The first race I came away with the fastest lap and was only 0.06s from the former world karting champion Colin Brown as we crossed the line side by side. The second race I had a loose diffuser which had a surprisingly large effect on the performance. A mistake by me made the situation worse as I lost 2 places running wide due to the lack in rear grip. The car back on form in the third race I made my way back up to second from starting fifth, on the way making a beautiful pass around the outside of Druids. The performance from this weekend has built up my confidence with the car. improvements can be made for the coming round in Silverstone where I hope to stay at the sharp end of the grid. Picture credit to Neil Brownlee

Oulton Park

The first time back in the driving seat since last year and off to a good start. The developments made to the car make it much more driveable, helping me push the car harder than before. The qualifying did not go too well with a hose coming loose from the turbo. Starting from the back row I was up to 6th at the end of the first lap then 4th a few laps later ahead of all the other class B cars with only the class A in front. Finishing in 3rd as a car ahead retired was a great achievement first time back. The second race I started in 3rd. Running 2nd the leader spun off resulting in a safety car. This allowed the class A Holden Commodore to get on my tail and after a few laps of shrewd defending I was back in 2nd. An issue held the car back for the last few laps and limping down the last straight I was passed and finished 3rd. A promising performance which gives more momentum for the rest of the season 

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